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A well-matched and capable team awaits you at La Foresteria’s restaurant where hospitality is linked to a cuisine founded on Sicilian gastronomic tradition in a contemporary mode, based on firm roots in the area, and offered with assiduous attention to tradition and an impulse to explore and innovate.

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The great tiled kitchen is Chef Angelo Pumilia’s theatre where his delicious gastronomic creations originate. Tradition, technique, and authentic products all combine in producing a cuisine which enhances its links with Sicilian traditions.

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angelo pumilia

Every detail is the result of careful attention; from the big white tablecloths to the wine glasses. The convivial table at the centre of the room is a hymn to friendship, to the family and to the beauty which one breathes at La Foresteria Planeta, a privilege apparent from the panoramic terrace with its tables in the shade of the wisteria and facing the view of vines and the sea.


‘La Cucina di Casa Planeta’ and the dishes created by Chef Angelo Pumilia are the directors of our Restaurant, an exclusive journey into Sicilian cooking to enable you to be partners in our cultural and gastronomic symposium.

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