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The menu at La Foresteria is a fascinating culinary itinerary created to guide you through the flavor pathways of this magical, radiant land. The surrounding landscape is a muse for the cuisine, and each dish is a gustatory representation of the countryside and the Mediterranean Sea. The menu is designed to reflect a leisurely stroll, taking you through the steep vineyard paths to the sea. Ingredients include herbs from the garden, meats from the best local farmers, local cheeses, vegetables and greens from local farmers, and the catch of the day. The cuisine at La Foresteria tells a story and celebrates the diversity and goodness of Sicilian produce, allowing you to savor the delights of this fascinating region.

Casa Planeta

A journey to discover the family kitchen

The cuisine of La Foresteria Planeta is an interweaving of flavors, recipes and ingredients from the family tradition and the rich Sicilian culinary culture, combined with the chef’s continuous experimentation. The result of this synergy is an elegant cuisine rich in flavors and contrasts. The dishes offer a variety of flavors, from pungent tanginess to the crisp freshness of local produce, creating a unique gastronomic journey that captivates the palate and soul of those fortunate enough to savor it.


Territory and excellence

Our menu offers you two tasting routes and an à la carte proposal. The gastronomic paths proposed by La Foresteria Planeta take you on two distinct journeys into contemporary Sicily.

The aperitif

Immersed in the picturesque Sicilian countryside, you will have the opportunity to enjoy cocktails inspired by the herbs grown in the garden of La Foresteria or to sip a glass of Planeta wine, accompanied by the wonderful colors that characterize the surrounding landscape, with shades ranging from blue to pink, creating a mixture of lights that paint the leaves of the vineyards and olive trees.
The Sicilian countryside will stretch around you in a laughing silence, while the sea of Menfi will shimmer in the background, creating a unique and unforgettable atmosphere for your moments of relaxation and culinary pleasure.


The main wine list at La Foresteria Planeta is called “Repertorio 1694” and is named after the year the historic Ulmo estate was acquired. It represents the most comprehensive vertical collection of Planeta production from Menfi, Sambuca di Sicilia, Vittoria, Noto, Etna and Capo Milazzo. In addition to this collection, there is an option called “The Wines of Friends”: a selection of wines from Sicily, Italy and different international regions, fruits of continuous exchange and comparison with fellow excellent producers.

Percorsi di degustazione.

It is preferable to order the tasting menu for the whole table.
For any information on substances and allergens, you can refer to the dedicated menu.

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La Foresteria Il Ristorante welcomes its guests to the Wine Resort among the vineyards of Menfi.
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