Palazzo Planeta

Palazzo Planeta

Apart Hotel in Palermo

The Apart Hotel in Palermo’s historic center offers guests the convenience of a hotel along with the comfort and space of an apartment. Located in the heart of Palermo’s historic center, this property features nine refined apartments that reflect the essence of the Planeta family’s hospitality. It is the ideal place to explore Palermo’s ancient histories and cultures and to experience a pleasant stay.

The Palazzo

Historical palazzo.

The Planeta palazzo, located in the heart of Palermo’s historic center, is a building constructed in the early 20th century. This architectural complex, rich in history, was once the family residence: not only does it hold the stories of the Planeta family, but it also tells the centuries-long history of the city of Palermo, with its iconic sites such as the Cathedral, Piazza Politeama, Teatro Massimo, and the charming alleys of Olivella. It is a place that represents an important historical and cultural heritage.

A journey through history

The World War II bomb, displayed on the façade of the Planeta family residence, is a relic that bears witness to the bombings that affected much of the city of Palermo in 1943, including the family palace palazzo. Grandfather Vito Planeta, in the course of reconstruction, chose to preserve this stern warning against the horrors of war so that it would remain in the collective memory. During your stay in the Planeta apartments, you will have the opportunity to hear this and many other stories that make Palermo’s historical and cultural heritage unique.

Our Suites

Sleeping in a historic palace in the center of Palermo.

Palazzo Planeta represents a new part of the Planeta hospitality system, which is committed to properly welcoming those who wish to discover the Island and its extraordinary beauty. This historic palazzo, owned by the Planeta family, offers elegant and well-kept suite apartments to enrich your vacation experience in Sicily.

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Teatro Massimo

Let Planeta guide you through
the treasures of Palermo.

Palazzo Planeta is ideally located for exploring the city’s main attractions. You can visit the Arab-Norman monument route, named a UNESCO World Heritage Site, explore the luxury boutiques, immerse yourself in the folklore of the historic markets, and more. In addition, a personal city tour advisor service is available to provide you with an exclusive and tailor-made sightseeing experience to best discover the city.

Welcome to Casa Planeta

The welcome at Palazzo Planeta is truly special. Guests are greeted with an exclusive welcome kit that includes traditional local sweets and products from La Foresteria di Menfi: Planeta wine and extra virgin olive oil obtained from the Capparrina Oasis harvest. Upon request, you can order a basket of local gastronomic products that include a selection of Planeta products and arrange tastings directly in the apartment. It is a unique way to start your stay in Sicily, accompanied by the authentic flavors of the region.

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Palazzo Planeta welcomes its guests to the Suite Apartment Hotel in the historic heart of Palermo. Contact us for any information, we look forward to hearing from you!