Wine Experience

Explore the art of wine with Planeta at La Foresteria, where the love of wine is transformed into an unforgettable adventure. We invite you to join a guided tour through Planeta’s finest vintages.
With six wineries spread across five winegrowing areas, each interpreting the great Sicilian grape varieties, you will be immersed in an unparalleled enological journey. Our expert guide will take you on a dedicated tour, offering a unique sensory experience that will allow you to discover the secrets behind Planeta’s fine wines.

Wine Experience

Cooking class

The Planeta Family opens the doors of the kitchen at La Foresteria.

The Planeta Family invites you to enjoy a compelling experience with our new cooking classes.
These themed classes are authentic taste journeys to be taken in a professional setting, under the expert guidance of Chef Angelo Pumilia, a unique opportunity to explore culinary creativity, where tradition and innovation come together in a fascinating and delicious way.

Gourmet bike tours

Fully enjoy the fresh, clean air of the Sicilian countryside and discover the hidden wonders of this area by bicycle.
We have created customized maps for you and prepared unique itineraries, varying in difficulty, duration and distance, that cross the charming countryside of Menfi, practicable with the mountain bikes made available to our guests. Just one kilometer from the resort, you will also find the beautiful bike path, built on the old, now decommissioned railway line.
So many ideal ways to explore the beauty of Sicily on two wheels.


Birdsong, the serenity of the countryside and the sea on the horizon. The hideaways of La Foresteria are a private place for your most intimate moments in perfect harmony with nature. You can completely immerse yourself in the landscape, breathing in the scent of our land and being enchanted by the shades that accompany the colors of Sicily. It is an opportunity to enjoy moments of quiet and contemplation while giving yourself the thrill of the sounds and warm hues of the Menfi countryside.


To completely restore your well-being during your vacation at La Foresteria, you have the option of requesting a massage. You can select from several options, including a relaxing massage with essential oils, a California massage or a scrub with Dead Sea salts and sweet orange essential oil. Moments of pure relaxation and regeneration, allowing you to completely unwind and fully enjoy your vacation in Sicily.

& Wellness

At La Foresteria, we care about your well-being and comfort. We have created a space dedicated to sports and fitness, equipped with exercise bikes, treadmills, and body machines, for those who wish to work out during their stay. You can keep active and fit while enjoying your vacation. We also provide a cozy steam room with a shower for your moments of relaxation and regeneration. This is the perfect place to relax and clear your mind, giving you a break of pure well-being. Whether you want to work out or relax, at La Foresteria you will find everything you need to take care of your body and mind.

Cultura per il territorio


Planeta loves culture and is pleased to share this passion with its guests. At La Foresteria, we have installed an exhibit of some significant works of contemporary art. This collection is the result of the first seven editions of “Viaggio in Sicilia,” our nomadic artist residency project, which celebrates its eighth edition this year. This project emphasizes the indissoluble link between art and location, between man and landscape. The works of art on display represent an opportunity to immerse oneself in Sicilian culture and appreciate the combination of creativity and natural beauty that characterizes this extraordinary region.


Sicily is a unique destination, and by staying at La Foresteria you will have the opportunity to explore it in all its splendor. It is situated in a magical place, offering privileged access to much of the literally unique experiences this land offers its visitors. From the ancient ruins of the archaeological parks of Selinunte and Agrigento, to the natural beauty of the Belice River nature reserve, to the charming historic center of Sambuca di Sicilia, named the “Most Beautiful Village in Italy 2016”: you will have the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of this extraordinary land and discover its rich cultural and natural heritage.

Wine Tours

We have always combined our passion for Sicily with the desire to welcome those who wish to explore it in the best possible way. Our wineries are not simply spaces dedicated to wine production; they are also places of hospitality, closely linked to cuisine, nature and culture.
We believe that the wine experience should be more than just a tasting; it should be an engaging journey that embraces all the senses, enriched by the beauty of the landscape, the richness of the cuisine and the depth of Sicilian culture.
With this approach, we seek to offer our visitors a complete and immersive experience in the magic of Sicily.

Discover the Wine Tour
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La Foresteria welcomes its guests to the Wine Resort among the vineyards of Menfi.
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