Casa Panitteri

Casa Panitteri

The Planeta family’s hospitality
finds a home in the heart of
Sambuca di Sicilia’s historic center.

Inside the Panitteri Museum there is a residence managed by Planeta and which Airbnb has transformed into an “Artist’s House.” This adds another layer of history and culture to your stay, giving you the opportunity to immerse yourself in art and creativity. A truly unique experience!

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House charateristics

  • House size
  • Dining accessories
    Selected from Bitossi Home collections
  • Sleeping area
    The sleeping area is furnished with Diesel Living bed
  • Textiles
    Society Limonta collaborated for the textiles
  • Bathroom
    The bathroom furnishing brand Fiorentino is a partner of the house
  • Living area
    A kitchen born from the collaboration between Smeg and Fantin, and the rocking chair by designer Mario Milana
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The dimora

An Artist’s House.

The collaboration between curator Federica Sala, Eligo Studio architects, and painter Edoardo Piermattei has transformed Casa Panitteri into a unique space that blends past and present in a very special way. The combination of historic elements such as marble floors, wrought iron, and antique amphorae with contemporary design and prestige brands creates an eclectic and welcoming atmosphere where art and design dialogue.


The heart of the house.

The work by Edoardo Piermattei that stretches across the ceiling of the living area and is reproduced in the canopy bed is truly an example of extraordinary art. It allows guests to live in an environment where art is not just hanging on the walls, but is an integral part of the daily living experience. It is a unique way to appreciate Italian Renaissance-inspired art in a domestic setting and make your stay at Casa Panitteri even more special.

Sambuca di Sicilia

Village of Villages 2016

Sambuca di Sicilia is a place rich in history and culture, and Casa Panitteri offers its guests the chance to fully immerse themselves in this fascinating reality.
The proximity to the historic center, the Saracen alleys and the Archaeological Museum offers a unique opportunity to explore the rich heritage of this town.
In addition, the proximity to the Planeta winery in Ulmo allows wine enthusiasts to discover the Planeta family’s winemaking roots. A stay at Casa Panitteri thus offers a complete experience between history, culture and wine.

The borgo

A village of Arab origin.

Sambuca di Sicilia is a village of great historical and artistic value, and is part of the association “I Borghi più belli d’Italia,”, an important cultural heritage category of villages known for their beauty and the harmony of their urban fabric. A visit to Mu.Di.A., the Museum of Sacred Art, offers a unique opportunity to discover the area’s artistic and religious treasures, including wooden statues, paintings and sacred vestments that belonged to Monsignor Diego Planeta. This museum is located in a charming little deconsecrated church, adding to the charm of its setting.

chiesa antica

Winery Experience

The hospitality of Casa Planeta

Our hospitality philosophy is based on creating experiences tailored to the territory and to each guest.
This allows guests to fully immerse themselves in the uniqueness of the wines and the beauty of the Sicilian landscape, giving them the opportunity to discover and fully appreciate all that the region has to offer. It is an extraordinary way to share our passion for wine and the culture of Sicily with visitors.

Discover the Wine Tour

The routes

Casa Panitteri and the world of Planeta hospitality

Casa Panitteri is closely connected to the hospitality experience at our wine resort La Foresteria.
This connection offers guests the opportunity to explore a variety of experiences, from cooking to themed wine tastings to discovering the area through guided tours and bike tours. It is an extraordinary way to enrich your stay and offer you a complete and memorable experience.


Iter Vitis-Magon

The ancient palmento, or winemaking cellar, within the Bosco della Risinata above Lake Arancio is a place of great historical importance that testifies to the long winemaking tradition of the Terre Sicane. Carved into the rock, unique for its monumental size in Sicily, it is situated on top of a hill and offers a panoramic view connected to the ancient towns of Monte Adranone and Monte Castellazzo di Poggioreale in the Belice River valley.
This site is an integral part of the Iter Vitis-Magon itinerary, which aims to enhance the local archaeological heritage related to wine culture.

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Casa Panitteri

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Casa Panitteri welcomes its guests in Sambuca di Sicilia. Contact us for any information, we look forward to hearing from you!