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The menu is a journey of exploration created to accompany you along the tasting footpaths of this magical and luminous land.

The landscape is the muse inspiring the cuisine of La Foresteria Planeta and its dishes are the tasting vision of the countryside and the Mediterranean sea.

We created it as a pleasant walk, along rocky paths through the vineyards and leading to the sea; the herbs in the garden, meat from the best local suppliers, typical cheeses from the area, the vegetables and fruit from local growers, and the fish caught that day.

To gain the most from your experience we created many gastronomical journeys for you.

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Casa Planeta

Discovering the family’s cooking.

L’Uovo del Cavaliere, eggs with olive oil purèed potatoes, precedes the rich pasta of Ravioli with sheep’s milk ricotta and the fresh pungency of mint from the Planeta garden.

An encounter with the sea takes place with one of its oldest fishes, the Mediterranean spatola (scabbardfish), flavoured with herbs from our garden.

And for dessert, cassata siciliana.

The best of every day

in four or eight dishes, a menu which follows the seasons and varies according to the freshness of materials, a virtue of La Foresteria cuisine.

Trust our chef, who will delight and enchant you.

Enhancing your experience will be the choice of wine, the host of every dish, exalting flavours and absolutely exclusive to every pairing.

The wine

Several of Planeta’s most representative wines originate from the vines surrounding La Foresteria, always in communication with the food and cuisine.

White, red, rosé, sparkling or dessert wines are produced by Planeta, cultivated in five different territories, commencing at Menfi and exploring the great continent of Sicilian wine.