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Wine tasting

Planeta loves wine and at La Foresteria we can guide you through a tasting of our best vintages.
Six wineries in five territories which present the great Sicilian grape varieties, discover them with us.
We will lead you through a course dedicated to a unique and sensory experience.

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Cooking class

Arancine, caponata, cassata, cannoli.
But also Chef Angelo Pumilia’s scabbardfish with herbs.
Food and its preparation create a magical relationship between people.

At La Foresteria Planeta the kitchen has welcomed for years all who wish to know more about our culinary traditions with curiosity and love.
A journey through Sicilian food, the link with our land and the bounty of the island’s produce.

Angelo looks forward to cooking with you and relating some of the secrets of our cuisine.

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Birdsong, the peace of the countryside and the sea on the horizon.
The Refuges of La Foresteria Planeta are corners reserved for your most private moments communing with nature.

Hide yourself in the landscape, breathe the aromas of our land and experience the various shades accompanying the colours of Sicily.
An opportunity for thoughts to encounter nature and provide feelings evoked by the sounds and warm tints of the Menfi countryside.

Trekking and Bicycles

Some marvellous footpaths wind through the perfumed hills surrounding La Foresteria Planeta.
Breathe deeply in the clean air of Sicily, enter into the energy of the area to discover the hidden marvels of this region.
Don’t miss the various available routes through the green countryside of Menfi, on foot or with our mountain bikes.

You will find the delightful cycle route just a few metres from the resort, built along the old railway line no longer in use, and used every year by thousands of cyclists.
Enjoy a breathtaking panorama full of colours which continually change until they vanish into the boundless blue of the Mediterranean.


At La Foresteria, you can ask for a massage at any time of the day, directly in your room or in our Beach club, while you are at the beach, to fully recharge your health and wellbeing during the holiday. You can choose between a Swedish massage, a relaxing massage with essential oils, a Californian massage or a head massage. 

Fitness and Wellness

An area devoted to sport and well-being; cycles, running machines and body machines for training purposes.
For quieter moments there is a welcoming Turkish Bath with shower.


Planeta loves culture and now exhibits at La Foresteria some important works of contemporary art.
The collection is taken from the first seven editions of ‘Journey through Sicily’, our project of itinerant residence now at its eighth edition, sealing the unbreakable ties between art and territory, between man and landscape.

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