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Planeta Estate

La Foresteria is the luxury Winery Resort of the Planeta Estate, a family of winemakers with a five-hundred-year history of traditional farming and love of Sicily. It offers a relaxing luxury escape in the heart of the island’s stunning coastal landscape.
The resort, nestled among the vineyards, is the perfect place to enjoy a peaceful holiday retreat, discover an island famous for its winemaking tradition, relax by the beach or treat yourself to the exciting flavours of Sicilian cuisine and the pleasures of authentic family hospitality.


With its grand convivial table overlooking the vineyards, La Foresteria’s restaurant brings together traditional hospitality and research. Our cuisine is both contemporary and deeply rooted in tradition


La Foresteria is the perfect setting for an intense and authentic wine experience, a place where you can learn everything there is to know about your favorite wines and the art of perfect wine and food matching

  • Olive Oil Experience for family

    Between October and November we collect the olives, the first step to get the precious ingredient for our menus and our tables: the oil
  • Gourmet Experience 2018

    One overnight at La Foresteria Planeta and one dinner at its restaurant, since last year part of “Le Soste di Ulisse”, where the chef Angelo Pumilia will make you discover the cooking of Casa Planeta. From 182€